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SAFE4R is on a mission to make your world a safer place

SAFE4R is Simple to Use, Intuitive, and Immediate

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  • Witness Icon
    Create Your Witness List

    To prepare your SAFE4R app, you can select an unlimited number of witnesses to be in your personal safety community.

  • Witness Icon
    In An Emergency, Activate SAFE4R

    You can activate a SAFE4R alert by either saying your custom safe word or phrase, or by pressing the SAFE4R Alert button

  • Witness Icon
    SAFE4R Alerts Your Witnesses

    All of your witnesses immediately receive a notification of your emergency. Through your phone, they are able to see the events occurring, communicate with you, and contact the proper authorities on your behalf.

  • Witness Icon
    SAFE4R Conducts a Wellness Check

    After the alert has been discontinued, a select witness performs a wellness check to assure you are okay.

SAFE4R is Simple to Use, Intuitive, and Immediate

Undergraduated Woman

Almost one in four undergraduate women experienced sexual assault or misconduct.

Assaulted US

It is estimated that 463,634 people are raped or sexually assaulted in the U.S. each year.

Sexual Harassment

Nationwide, 81% of women and 43% of men reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment and/or assault in their lifetime.

Female Agents

33 percent of total Real Estate Agents and 41 percent of female agents said they feared for their personal safety.


At least 103 Uber drivers in the U.S. have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers in the past four years.

Female Victims

One in three female victims of completed or attempted rape experienced it for the first time between the ages of 11 and 17.

SAFE4R Provides Superior Safety in Everyday Situations


Taxis or
Ride Sharing

Walking or
Jogging Alone

Colleges and





Outside Service


Car Jacking
And Road Rage

High Exposure

SAFE4R Features

  • Custom Voice Activation
    Custom Voice Activation

    You can create your own safe word or phrase to launch SAFE4R.

  • Safer Lite
    SAFE4R Lite

    For situations that do not warrant a full SAFE4R Alert, ie, walking late at night.

  • Safety Net Alert
    Safety Net Alert

    During an alert, all SAFE4R subscribers within 1,500 ft of the user are notified to be an immediate witness.

  • Cloud Recording
    Cloud Recording

    All video and geo movements are stored realtime in the cloud for later review and use.

  • Deletion Protection
    Deletion Protection

    Users are not able to delete cloud recordings.

  • Dynamic Address Tracking
    Dynamic Address Tracking

    During an alert, the system automatically finds the nearest address to user to provide to witnesses.

  • Neighborhood Watch
    Neighborhood Watch

    Keeping your neighbors informed of suspicious events in your neighborhood.

  • Movement Stop Detection
    Movement Stop Detection

    During an alert, SAFE4R detects and marks any stop that lasts for more than 1 minute.

  • Missing Person Reporting
    Missing Person Reporting

    Post videos, pictures and text of missing child, senior citizen, etc.

What Our Subscribers Say About SAFE4R

Must have safety app in today's world! I have a wife and two daughters and this app gives me a sense of security when they're out. Sure, nothing full proof, but knowing that they can have witnesses and police alerted at the touch of a button is a game changer. I love how the camera keeps recording/streaming even when the screen is off.

Brandon Lee

World changer! Download this app immediately!!! I honestly believe this app will change crime as we know it. You'd rather be safe than sorry! If you're ever in a dangerous situation you'll have the ability to get immediate help and possibly prevent situations from escalating into something worse. Help make this world a safer place!

Jade Prudent

I have seen many men, women and children on the news that are missing. This app could not only help with the recovery of your love one, but it could also serve by preventing any harm to your love one.

Vincent Ray

This application is right on time. The world has gotten crazier and crazier and response times from traditional 911 help is taking longer than ever get to people who desperately need help. I am so impressed with this application and I have made sure that everybody I know and care about have it.


This is just what I needed to feel safer with having teenage girls. I purchased the family plan so that we can all breathe a little easier. Every detail of this app was carefully thought out. I'll be spreading the word to other family members and my friends. Amazing job.


Hats off to the idea.. whenever you have this app in your mobile, you will feel safe. Each one of your loved ones should have this app.

John S

SAFE4R Provides Peace of Mind Everyday

  • Medical Emergency
  • Threatening Situation

Constantly Connected. Regardless of where you are or the time of day, you can immediately alert your personal safety community with the push of a button.

Safety in Numbers. With SAFE4R, there is an entire community looking out for you and your family, willing to act on your behalf in a time of need.

Instant Response. SAFE4R is the world's first application where the power of social community exponentially increases the immediate response to any situation you or your loved ones may be confronted with.

Unrivaled Protection. SAFE4R has high-performance features and an active community to insure that help and visibility can be instantaneous and no longer limited to a 911 call.

Safety Fact: At the time that every second matters the average 911 response time is 14.5 minutes.



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If a member has asked you to be their witness please signup here.


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Includes All Premium SAFE4R Features.


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Includes All Premium SAFE4R Features.


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$4.99 Month

Includes you and up to 5 additional members on the same debit or credit card. Must Be Purchased During Initial Sign Up.

Includes All Premium SAFE4R Features.


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$479.88 Year


$49.99 Year

Includes you and up to 5 additional members on the same debit or credit card. Must Be Purchased During Initial Sign Up.

Includes All Premium SAFE4R Features.